Touring Jan/Feb/Mar 2018 and 18/19 nationwide!

OPEN is a joyful series of dynamic choreographic vignettes, woven together into a narrative of astounding physicality. Combining classical music, inventive concepts, playful movement and striking visuals, OPEN uplifts and inspires smiles through the language of contemporary dance.


"This is art for all...sophisticated references...flashy gymnastic physicality...brightly colored playfulness...impressive video projections...wit and theatricality...back-to-nature humanity...with wisdom attached." - Laura Bleiberg, Los Angeles Times 

"Welcome to the wild and wonderful world of Daniel Ezralow..." - Victoria Looseleaf, Fjord Review

"He makes us laugh, sigh and even feel a touch of sadness." - Jeff Slayton, See Dance News

"It's a DAZZLER" - Donna Perlmutter, LA Observed